On Delicious Drama

I'll be making another post on my thoughts on something else before too long, but at the moment I wanted to post about how delicious I've been find the drama unfolding over with Gevlon, Markco, and Tobold.

It is to my funny bone as chocolate coated awesome-sauce would be to my tongue if that was a real thing that you could eat.

I've always found gold making guides to be completely useless as any of the information contained in them could be found for free elsewhere on the internet. But my feelings about the gold-making guide business have nothing to do with this. Markco handled the fiasco that arose very poorly.

What I found funny about it is all of the people who posted in the comments about how "Putting up ads would've been the most Goblin thing to do in the situation! You make lots of money, which is what goblins do! By not doing this because it would decrease his readership, he has shown that he cares about what people think of him and is as social as those he claims to hate!"

It seems that, from what I understand at least, the posters do not understand Gevlon just as much as Markco didn't. I can't claim to be Gevlon, understand the guy, or hell even to have had any contact with him. From what I've read in his blog though, my understanding of his way of thinking is this:

Goblin philosophy in actuality has nothing to do with money. Goblin philosophy has to do with achieving your goals through learning, analyzing and navigating the landscape you must travel in the smartest and most efficient way possible. Money often takes a very central role in the Goblin world because it is a nearly universal facilitator to achieving one's goals (as Gevlon did by buying his way into hard mode raid content).

He has stated his goal for writing the blog is to educate people on how to make gold in WoW reliably, because he wanted a market to arise in which it would be a challenge for him to make money in. He cares very much about how many readers he has. This is not because of social reasons though, as he couldn't care less if everyone who read his blog hated him. He cares because if he loses credibility to his audience, then they will disregard his advice on WoW economics, and then he will not get his blissfully challenging market to try and dominate.

That's just my take on the subject and I may have it completely and entirely wrong.

I don't think he was wrong to try and appeal to Gevlon's social side. He just completely missed the mark on where that social side is and what its goals are.

He completely mishandled the fallout though, and instead of just backing off and cutting his losses, he continued to comment and post, mocking those involved for not participating. The most delicious part is when he decided he would threaten a lawsuit (I assume because of the Dox Dropping going on), having everyone correct him that Gevlon is not a US citizen, and then attempting to DELETE FUCKING EVERYTHING (which doesn't work on the internets, of course). Way to go, bro. A real internet champion.

Oh internet. You give me such entertainment sometimes.

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